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12oz Black Cool Wave Paper Coffee Cups

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Weight005.80 kg
Dimensions56.5 × 19.5 × 44.5 cm
Product Dimension

90mm x 58mm x 110mm

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25 Pack, Ctn Qty: 500

Cool Wave design hot cups are the ultimate solution for keeping your coffee and tea at the perfect temperature while ensuring your hands stay cool and comfortable. With their innovative insulation technology, these cups offer superior heat retention and provide a delightful drinking experience.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Insulation: Our Cool Wave design hot cups are engineered with advanced insulation, allowing your hot beverages to stay at drinkable temperatures for longer periods. Enjoy your coffee or tea without the worry of it cooling down too quickly, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable drinking experience.
  • Comfortable Grip: The unique Cool Wave design not only enhances the insulation but also provides a secure and comfortable grip. Say goodbye to burnt fingers or the need for extra sleeves. Our cups keep your hands cool, eliminating the need for additional insulation and enhancing the overall comfort of your customers.
  • Custom Printing: Make a lasting impression and build your brand with custom printing options for these cups. Add your logo, branding elements, or a personalized message to create a distinct and professional look. Custom printing turns your cups into powerful marketing tools, promoting your brand and enhancing brand recognition with every sip.
  • Premium Quality: Our Cool Wave design hot cups are crafted from premium materials to ensure durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand the demands of hot beverages, maintaining their structural integrity and preventing leaks or spills.
  • Versatile Sizes: Choose from a range of sizes to accommodate various serving needs. Whether you prefer small espresso shots or large-sized coffees, our Cool Wave design hot cups come in sizes that cater to your specific requirements.

Elevate your beverage service and build your brand with our Cool Wave design hot cups. Experience the exceptional heat retention and the comfortable grip they provide, keeping your drinks enjoyable and your hands cool. Take advantage of the custom printing options to showcase your logo and make a lasting impression on your customers. With their premium quality and versatile sizes, these cups are the perfect addition to any café or restaurant looking to enhance their beverage experience and leave a lasting impression.