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450mm Bassine Timber Backed Broom

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Weight.75 kg
Dimensions45 × 6.5 × 13 cm
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Meet the Bassine Timber Backed Broom – Your Heavy-Duty Cleaning Master!

Meet your new partner in grime-fighting, the Bassine Timber Backed Broom! Crafted to eliminate the toughest of dirt, mud, and grease, this broom stands out as a true champion when it comes to heavy-duty cleaning.

Designed with natural Bassine fibres, known for their strength and rigidity, this broom offers remarkable sweeping power. Be it the unruly mud that’s intruded your garage or stubborn grease in your workshop, this broom takes it all in stride.

Yet, toughness doesn’t mean it compromises durability. The Bassine fibres are impressively resistant to acids, solvents, and alkalis. So, no matter what your cleaning scenario is, this broom’s performance remains unimpacted. Add to this its high-temperature resistance, and you’ve got a cleaning tool that’s built to last in the harshest of environments.

A solid timber backing not only ensures longevity but also imparts a timeless, rustic appeal to the broom.

Key Features:

  • Natural Bassine Fibres: Designed to tackle heavy dirt, mud, and grease with ease.
  • Robust Timber Backing: Offers enduring durability and a classic, rustic look.
  • Resistant to Acids, Solvents, and Alkalis: Ensures the broom’s performance remains consistent even in harsh environments.
  • High-Temperature Resistant: Suitable for diverse situations and can withstand extreme heat.
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning Performance: Designed for challenging cleaning tasks while maintaining its integrity over time.

Embrace the new standard of intensive cleaning with the Bassine Timber Backed Broom – it’s time to experience cleaning performance that’s built to last!