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45cm Everfilm Meat Film

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Weight009.20 kg
Dimensions18.5 × 18.5 × 49.5 cm
Product Dimension

(W) 450mm x (L) 1300 meters

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Everfilm Meat Wrap is the ultimate heavy-duty solution for wrapping and sealing your meat and other food items. With its superior strength and convenient features, Everfilm Meat Wrap ensures long-lasting freshness and reliable protection for your food. Here’s why Everfilm Meat Wrap is the perfect choice for all your meat packaging needs:

  • Heavy-Duty Performance: Everfilm Meat Wrap is specifically designed to withstand the demands of packaging meat. It is made from high-quality materials that provide exceptional strength and durability, ensuring your meat stays protected during storage.
  • Versatile Storage: Whether you’re storing meat in the fridge or freezer, Everfilm Meat Wrap is up to the task. Its excellent cling properties create a tight seal, preventing air and moisture from reaching your meat and helping to maintain its quality and freshness.
  • Microwave Safe: You can confidently use Everfilm Meat Wrap to cover microwave items without worrying about the wrap degrading or releasing harmful substances. Its microwave-safe design allows you to heat up your meals conveniently while preserving their flavors.
  • Clear and Transparent: Everfilm Meat Wrap is clear and transparent, allowing for easy identification of the contents without the need to unwrap or open the package. This makes it convenient for both home and commercial kitchens, enabling quick access to the desired food items.
  • Hygienic and Reliable: With Everfilm Meat Wrap, you can trust that your food is protected in a hygienic and reliable manner. The wrap is a barrier against contaminants, helping keep your meat fresh and safe to consume.
  • Easy to Use: Everfilm Meat Wrap is designed for easy handling and use. Simply pull out the desired length of wrap, wrap it around your meat or food item, and press to create a secure seal. Its heavy-duty performance ensures a tight and reliable wrap every time.

Choose Everfilm Meat Wrap for its heavy-duty performance, microwave-safe design, and clear transparency. Whether storing meat in the fridge, or freezer, or reheating meals in the microwave, Everfilm Meat Wrap provides the ultimate protection and convenience. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using a reliable and high-quality wrap for your valuable food items.