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900mm Java Timber Backed Broom

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Weight1.25 kg
Dimensions90 × 6.5 × 13 cm
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The Java Timber Backed Broom is Your Ultimate Cleaning Partner!

Imagine a cleaning experience that effortlessly sweeps away stubborn dirt, making your life easier and your spaces cleaner. That’s what our Java Timber Backed Broom promises to deliver!

This high-performance broom is packed with Java fibres, ingeniously blended from fine and medium-stiff strands. This combination is designed to tackle even the toughest of surfaces – notably concrete. Its robust bristles dive deep into crevices and corners, eliminating every speck of dust and grime they encounter.

But there’s more to this broom than just its sweeping prowess. The broom’s Java fibre is also resistant to high temperatures, acids, and solvents, ensuring that it stays strong and durable under harsh conditions. To top it all off, the broom is backed with premium, robust timber that not only lends it a charming, rustic aesthetic but also promises long-lasting durability.

Key Features:

  • Java Fibre Blend: A smart mix of fine and medium-stiff fibres for efficient sweeping performance on concrete and hard surfaces.
  • Timber Backing: Ensures durability and adds a classic aesthetic to your cleaning tool collection.
  • High-Temperature Resistance: The broom’s fibres can withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for various environments and situations.
  • Acid and Solvent Resistance: Ideal for use in garages, workshops, and industrial settings, our broom remains unaffected by acids and solvents.
  • Long-Lasting & Durable: Quality materials and construction ensure this broom will be part of your cleaning arsenal for years to come.

Say goodbye to the toil of tedious cleaning and upgrade your cleaning experience with the Java Timber Backed Broom. Unleash the power of robust and efficient sweeping with every single stroke!