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1000ml Bagasse Takeaway Containers

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Weight11.3 kg
Dimensions54.5 × 54 × 21 cm
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180mm x 128mm x 72mm

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Ctn Qty: 500

Elevate your takeaway experience with our Planetwise Bagasse Takeaway Containers. Crafted from 100% compostable sugarcane fibers, these eco-friendly containers are a testament to our commitment to sustainability. They’re designed to handle various types of food without bending, leaking, or breaking. Their resilience against grease and water makes them an outstanding choice for any kind of meal. One lid fits all four sizes for convenience. With microwaving and freezer-safe properties, they’re perfect for leftovers. Say goodbye to plastic containers and choose our wiser alternative!

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly: Made from 100% compostable, rapidly renewable sugarcane fibers.
  • Durable: Can handle various types of food without bending, leaking, or breaking.
  • Resistant: Effectively resists grease and water.
  • Versatile: Suitable for both hot and cold meals.
  • One Lid Fits All: All 4 sizes of containers can be covered with a single type of lid.
  • Convenient: Microwavable up to 5 minutes and refrigerator/freezer safe up to -40°C.
  • Sustainable Choice: A smarter, eco-friendly alternative to plastic containers.