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12oz Kraft PLA Soup Bowl

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Weight6.7 kg
Dimensions58 × 46.5 × 29 cm
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115mm x 65mm

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Ctn Qty: 500

Our Kraft PLA Soup Bowl offers a sustainable and practical solution for your food packaging needs. Made from FCS (Forest Stewardship Council) certified kraft paperboard with a PLA (Polylactic Acid) lining, these bowls are designed to be eco-friendly and versatile. With their ability to hold both hot and cold foods, they are suitable for a wide range of dishes and meals. Whether you’re serving soups, stews, or salads, these bowls are perfect for takeaways and food delivery. After use, you can conveniently dispose of them in your regular rubbish bin, making waste management hassle-free.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly Material: Crafted from FCS certified kraft paperboard with a PLA lining, our Kraft PLA Soup Bowls provide a sustainable choice for food packaging.
  • Versatile Use: These bowls are suitable for both hot and cold foods, allowing you to serve a variety of dishes with ease.
  • Convenient for Takeaways: Designed with takeaways in mind, these soup bowls offer a practical and reliable solution for food delivery and on-the-go meals.
  • Easy Disposal: After use, simply dispose of the bowls in your regular rubbish bin, ensuring a hassle-free waste management process.

Enhance your food packaging options with our Kraft PLA Soup Bowl, which combines eco-friendly materials with versatility. With their sustainable design and ability to accommodate a wide range of foods, these bowls are the ideal choice for takeaways and food service establishments. Make a sustainable decision for your food packaging needs and embrace a greener approach with our Kraft PLA Soup Bowl.