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27Lt White Kitchen/Office Tidy Bags

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Weight5.58 kg
Dimensions25.5 × 31.5 × 15 cm
Product Dimension

650mm x 510mm

Carton / Pack Qty

50 Pack, Ctn Qty: 1000

Our versatile 27Lt White Kitchen/Office Tidy Bags, are the perfect solution for small waste bin and swing/pedal bin applications. These tidy bags are designed for use in offices, kitchens, schools, and hotel rooms, offering convenience and reliability for efficient waste management.

Key Features:

  • Ideal Size: With a capacity of 27 liters, these tidy bags are perfectly suited for small waste bins commonly found in offices, kitchens, schools, and hotel rooms. Their compact size ensures a snug fit and easy handling.
  • Tough HDPE Film: Our tidy bags are made from tough HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) film, ensuring durability and strength. The robust material resists tearing and provides reliable containment for various types of waste.
  • Strong Star Seal: These tidy bags feature a strong star seal at the bottom, enhancing their structural integrity and preventing leaks or spills. The secure seal provides confidence in disposing of waste without worrying about messes or odors.
  • Easy to Dispose: Our tidy bags are designed for hassle-free disposal. The lightweight material and convenient size make it easy to tie up the bag and discard it without any inconvenience or mess.
  • Versatile Application: These tidy bags are suitable for a variety of applications, including offices, kitchens, schools, and hotel rooms. Whether it’s for daily office waste, kitchen scraps, or small-scale cleaning tasks, these tidy bags are a reliable choice.

Simplify your waste management with our 27Lt White Kitchen/Office Tidy Bags. Made from tough HDPE film with a strong star seal, they provide reliable containment and resist tearing. With their convenient size and easy disposal, they are the ideal choice for small waste bins in offices, kitchens, schools, and hotel rooms. Order your 27Lt White Kitchen/Office Tidy Bags today and experience their convenience and reliability in efficient waste management.