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45cm Premium Cling Wrap

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Weight003.20 kg
Dimensions10 × 49.5 × 10 cm
Product Dimension

(W) 450mm x (L) 600 meters

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Premium Cling Wrap is the perfect solution for wrapping and sealing your food items. With its exceptional quality and convenient features, Premium Cling Wrap is designed to keep your food fresh and protected for an extended period. Here’s why Premium Cling Wrap is the ideal choice for all your food packaging needs:

  • Safe Handy Cutter: Premium Cling Wrap comes with a built-in cutter, eliminating the need for scissors and making it easy to cut the wrap to your desired length. This handy feature ensures a clean and hassle-free wrapping experience.
  • Microwave Safe: You can confidently use Premium Cling Wrap in the microwave to heat your food items. The wrap is designed to withstand microwave temperatures, preventing splatters and messes while preserving the flavors and moisture of your meals.
  • Versatile Storage: Whether you need to seal and package food items for storage in the fridge or freezer, Premium Cling Wrap has got you covered. It forms a tight seal around containers, keeping your food fresh and protected from air, moisture, and odors.
  • Clear and Transparent: Premium Cling Wrap is clear and transparent, allowing for easy identification of the contents without having to unwrap or open the package. This makes it convenient for both home and commercial kitchens.
  • Long-lasting Freshness: Premium Cling Wrap is designed to keep your food items fresh for an extended period. Its clingy nature ensures a tight and secure seal, preventing the entry of air or contaminants that could compromise the quality of your food.
  • Easy to Use: Premium Cling Wrap is easy to handle and use with the built-in cutter and excellent cling properties. Simply pull out the desired length, cut with the built-in cutter, and wrap around your food item or container for a secure seal.
  • Top-Quality Assurance: Trust in the reliability and performance of Premium Cling Wrap for all your food packaging needs.

Choose Premium Cling Wrap for convenient and reliable food packaging. Its safe handy cutter, microwave-safe design, and clear transparency make it an excellent choice for wrapping, storing, and heating your food items. Enjoy the ease and freshness that Premium Cling Wrap brings to your kitchen.