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50ml Round Sauce Container

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Weight003.70 kg
Dimensions37.5 × 30 × 23.1 cm
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50 Pack, Ctn Qty: 1000

Our versatile and practical Awesome Plastics Round Sauce Containers, are the perfect solution for serving a wide range of sauces, dressings, condiments, and more. Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, these containers ensure measured portions and safe storage for your culinary creations.

Key Features:

  • Serve with Precision: Our round sauce containers are designed to provide measured portions, allowing you to serve sauces, salad dressings, mayonnaise, aioli, herbs, spices, and various condiments in just the right amount. Whether you’re adding a finishing touch to a dish or providing individual servings, these containers offer precise portion control.
  • Recyclable: We take our environmental responsibility seriously. Our sauce containers are made from recyclable materials, ensuring that you can dispose of them responsibly and contribute to reducing waste. Choose our recyclable containers for a more sustainable serving solution.
  • BPA-Free: Your health and safety are our utmost priority. All our round sauce containers are 100% BPA-free, providing you with peace of mind. Enjoy your sauces and condiments without worrying about harmful chemicals leaching into your food. Opt for our BPA-free containers for a safer serving experience.
  • Food Safe: We understand the importance of food safety. Our sauce containers are designed and manufactured to meet stringent food safety standards. Rest assured that your sauces and condiments remain uncontaminated and preserve their quality in our food-safe containers.
  • Microwave Safe: Enjoy the convenience of reheating sauces or condiments without having to transfer them to another container. Our sauce containers are microwave-safe, allowing you to quickly warm up your favorites and maintain their flavors and textures.

Embrace the versatility and functionality of our Awesome Plastics Round Sauce Containers. With their recyclable nature, BPA-free composition, food-safe design, and microwave compatibility, these containers offer a reliable and convenient solution for serving sauces, dressings, and condiments. Trust in our high-quality containers to deliver portioned servings and ensure the safety of your culinary creations. Serve with confidence and ease using our round sauce containers.