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De-Scaler For Dishwashing Machines

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Weight005.80 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 30 cm
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5 Litres

JURA Dishwashing Machine De-Scaler SDS

JURA De-Scaler is the ultimate solution for achieving superior cleaning in commercial dishwashers. Specially formulated to remove scale build-up and rust from stainless steel surfaces in machine wash chambers, this powerful de-scaler leaves surfaces bright and shiny, ensuring optimal performance of your dishwasher.

Key Features:

  • Scale Removal: JURA De-Scaler effectively breaks down and removes scale build-up, which can hinder the performance of commercial dishwashers. By eliminating scale, it restores the efficiency and functionality of the machine, ensuring sparkling clean results.
  • Rust Removal: In addition to scale, this de-scaler also targets rust on stainless steel surfaces. It penetrates deep into the rusted areas, dissolving the rust and restoring the stainless steel’s original shine.
  • Bright and Shiny Surfaces: With JURA De-Scaler, you can expect bright and shiny surfaces in your dishwasher’s wash chambers. The powerful formula lifts away scale and rust, revealing clean and polished surfaces that enhance the overall appearance of your machine.
  • Commercial Grade: This de-scaler is specifically designed for commercial dishwashers, catering to the high demands of professional kitchens and food service establishments. It delivers professional-grade cleaning results, ensuring the longevity and performance of your dishwasher.
  • 100% Australian Made: We take pride in our product being 100% Australian-made. JURA De-Scaler is crafted using high-quality ingredients to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Experience the power of JURA De-Scaler and achieve superior cleaning in your commercial dishwasher. Say goodbye to scale build-up and rust, and hello to bright and shiny surfaces. Trust in the 100% Australian-made quality and enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained dishwasher with JURA De-Scaler.