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8X7 RPET Moisture Retained Trays

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Weight013.60 kg
Dimensions42.5 × 38.5 × 45 cm
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The MRT (Moisture Retained Tray), is a revolutionary solution designed to replace PSP Foam Trays in response to environmental and food safety concerns. With a special design that focuses on moisture retention, the MRT series offers a superior alternative for meat packaging.

Key Features:

  • Moisture Retention: The MRT Tray is specifically designed with tiny honeycomb structures that are capable of retaining moisture. This unique feature eliminates the need for soaker pads, allowing butchers and meat suppliers to save costs without compromising on quality. The tray keeps the meat fresh and juicy, preserving its quality and taste.
  • Environmentally Friendly: In many countries, PSP Foam Trays have been banned due to their negative impact on the environment. The MRT Tray is developed as a sustainable alternative, utilizing PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) material that is widely accepted and recyclable. By choosing MRT Trays, you contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • Strength and Versatility: The MRT Tray offers excellent strength and durability, making it suitable for both automated and manual wrapping processes. Its robust construction ensures that the tray maintains its integrity during transportation and handling, protecting the meat from damage. Whether you prefer automated wrapping or manual wrapping, the MRT Tray is a reliable choice.
  • Suitable for Top Sealing: In addition to wrapping, the MRT Tray is also compatible with top sealing. This gives customers the option to choose top sealing as an alternative packaging method. The tray’s design allows for a secure seal, ensuring product freshness and extending shelf life. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of top-sealed packaging with the MRT Tray.

The MRT (Moisture Retained Tray) series offers a game-changing solution for the meat industry. With its ability to retain moisture, cost-saving benefits, strength for various wrapping methods, and compatibility with top sealing, the MRT Tray sets a new standard in meat packaging. Make the switch from PSP Foam Trays to the MRT Tray and experience improved sustainability, food safety, and customer satisfaction.