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Blue – 350g Microfibre Round Loop Mop

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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions37 × 11 × 6.5 cm
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Microfibre mops revolutionize the cleaning experience with their advanced construction materials. Unlike traditional mops, these mops offer several advantages due to the unique properties of microfibre. Experience superior cleaning power and efficiency with our Microfibre Mops.

Key Features:

  • 100% Microfibre Yarn: Our Microfibre Mops are crafted using 100% microfibre yarn, ensuring exceptional cleaning power and absorbency. The microfibre material is designed to effectively grab and hold dirt, providing thorough cleaning results.
  • Chemical-Free Cleaning: These mops can be used with or without chemicals, offering flexibility in your cleaning routine. The microfibre material is highly effective at capturing dirt and debris, reducing the need for harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • Looped Fibres: The mops feature looped fibres that minimize tangling and linting during use. This design ensures optimal performance and extends the lifespan of the mop, allowing for long-lasting and efficient cleaning.
  • Round Skirt Shape: The mops are designed with a round skirt shape, which enables maximum floor coverage. With each stroke, the mop efficiently covers a larger area, saving time and effort during cleaning tasks.

Upgrade your cleaning routine with the superior cleaning power and efficiency of our Microfibre Mops. The 100% microfibre yarn ensures superior cleaning and absorbency, while the looped fibres minimize tangling and linting. The round skirt shape provides maximum floor coverage, improving your cleaning efficiency. Experience the benefits of microfibre technology and elevate your cleaning to a new level. Order your Microfibre Mop today and enjoy the convenience and effectiveness it brings to your cleaning tasks.