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Blue Carton Liners

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Weight007.90 kg
Dimensions35.5 × 35.5 × 14.5 cm
Product Dimension

(H) 640mm x (W) 640mm x (B) 390mm

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Ctn Qty: 500

Our high-quality Carton Liners are designed to provide an additional layer of protection for your products during transit and storage. These liners are made from high-strength HDPE food-grade material, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and product safety.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Protection: Our Carton Liners are specifically engineered to line cardboard boxes and export cartons, offering a protective barrier for your products. The HDPE material provides durability and strength, safeguarding your items from external contaminants and potential damage.
  • Hygienic Solution: We understand the importance of maintaining hygiene standards, especially when it comes to food and perishable goods. Our Carton Liners are made from food-grade HDPE material, ensuring that your products are protected in a safe and hygienic environment.
  • Preserves Freshness: By using our Carton Liners, you can ensure that your products arrive clean and fresh at their destination. The liners create a barrier between the product and the packaging, minimizing the risk of contamination and preserving the quality of your goods.
  • Easy to Use: Our Carton Liners are designed for convenience and ease of use. Simply insert the liner into the cardboard box or export carton before packing your products. The liners are sized to fit standard box dimensions, providing a seamless and efficient solution for your packaging needs.
  • Versatile Applications: Our Carton Liners are suitable for a wide range of industries and products. Whether you are shipping food items, perishable goods, or other sensitive products, our liners offer reliable protection and peace of mind.

Choose our high-quality Carton Liners to enhance the safety and integrity of your products during transportation and storage. With their high-strength HDPE material, hygienic properties, and focus on product freshness, our Carton Liners provide a dependable solution for protecting your valuable goods.