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PET Lid for Rectangular Container




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Weight004.50 kg
Dimensions38 × 36 × 44 cm
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Ctn Qty: 300

Elevate your food packaging game with our P.E.T Clear Lids, the ideal companion for our eco-friendly PLA Paper Takeaway Containers. Meticulously crafted and thoughtfully designed, these lids are the epitome of practicality and sustainability, providing the perfect solution for all your food packaging needs.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Fit: Our P.E.T Clear Lids are specifically engineered to seamlessly fit our PLA Paper Takeaway Containers. Say goodbye to flimsy, ill-fitting lids that cause spills and leaks. With our lids, you can ensure a secure and snug fit, giving you peace of mind during transportation and delivery.
  • Crystal Clear Visibility: Transparency is key when it comes to showcasing your culinary creations. Our lids are made from high-quality P.E.T material, offering crystal clear visibility to tantalize your customers’ taste buds and entice them with the deliciousness within.
  • Excellent Protection: Shield your delectable dishes from external elements while preserving their freshness. Our P.E.T Clear Lids provide a reliable barrier against dust, contaminants, and potential spills, ensuring that your food remains safe, intact, and visually appealing until it reaches its destination.
  • Sustainable Choice: We understand the importance of sustainability in today’s world. That’s why our P.E.T Clear Lids are crafted from recyclable materials, making them an eco-friendly choice. By opting for our lids, you actively contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting a greener future.
  • Versatile and Convenient: Our lids are designed to accommodate a wide variety of food items, from salads and sandwiches to hot meals and desserts. They are microwave-safe, allowing for effortless reheating, and can be easily stacked for space-efficient storage.

Pair your eco-friendly PLA Paper Takeaway Containers with our P.E.T Clear Lids for a complete and sustainable food packaging solution. Let your culinary creations shine while keeping them safe, fresh, and ready to be savored. Make a lasting impression on your customers with our top-notch lids that combine functionality, sustainability, and style.