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Small Freezer Bags

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Additional information

Weight006.98 kg
Dimensions23.5 × 29 × 22 cm
Product Dimension

(H) 250mm x (W) 200mm

Carton / Pack Qty

1000 Pack, Ctn Qty: 10,000

Our high-quality freezer bags are specifically designed for product and meat packing. These bags are made from virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE), ensuring excellent durability and functionality for your freezer storage needs.

Key Features:

  • Premium Material: Our freezer bags are crafted from high-quality virgin HDPE, which provides exceptional strength and resistance to punctures and tears. This ensures that your products and meats are well-protected and preserved during freezing and storage.
  • Convenient Dispenser Pack: The freezer bags are presented in a dispenser pack, allowing for easy access and convenient use. The pack can be placed on the countertop of any shop, providing quick and hassle-free access to the bags when needed. This feature streamlines your packaging process and saves time and effort.
  • Freezer Safe: Our bags are specifically designed for freezer use, with the ability to withstand low temperatures without compromising their integrity. They are suitable for storing a wide range of products, including meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and more, ensuring long-lasting freshness and preventing freezer burn.
  • Versatile Application: Our freezer bags are suitable for various product and meat packing needs. Whether you’re portioning meats, storing pre-prepared meals, or packaging frozen produce, these bags offer a reliable solution for preserving the quality and flavor of your items.

Choose our high-quality freezer bags made from virgin HDPE for your product and meat packing requirements. With their durability, convenience, and freezer-safe design, these bags provide reliable storage and preservation for a wide range of frozen goods. The dispenser pack ensures easy access, making them a practical choice for any shop or food-related business.