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Small Window Lunch/Salad Box

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Weight7 kg
Dimensions51 × 41 × 28 cm
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Ctn Qty: 200

Stylish and Practical Lunch/Salad Boxes: Serving Freshness with a View!

Key Features:

  • Clear Windows at the Top and Front: These innovative lunch/salad boxes feature clear windows that allow your customers to get a tantalizing peek at the mouthwatering contents inside. Visual appeal meets culinary anticipation!
  • Sturdy Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, our lunch/salad boxes are designed to protect and preserve the freshness of your food, ensuring it reaches your customers in perfect condition.
  • Coated Kraft Material: Made from high-quality coated Kraft material, these brown color salad boxes exude a natural charm while providing a reliable and eco-friendly packaging solution.
  • Small, Medium, and Large Sizes: From light lunches to hearty salads, our boxes are available in different sizes to cater to various portion needs. Flexibility meets convenience!
  • Cold to Room-Temperature Food: Versatility is key! Our lunch/salad boxes are suitable for a wide range of food temperatures, keeping your culinary creations fresh and delectable, whether chilled or at room temperature.
  • Perfect Choice for Cafes and Restaurants: Whether you run a cozy café or a bustling restaurant, our lunch/salad boxes are tailor-made to enhance your food presentation, impressing your customers with both style and substance.

Elevate your culinary experience and delight your customers with our Lunch/Salad Boxes. Order now and watch as the clear windows and sturdy design make your food the star attraction, while keeping it irresistibly fresh until the first bite!