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White News Paper

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Weight012.00 kg
Dimensions44 × 62 × 9 cm
Product Dimension

(H) 810mm x (W) 610mm

Carton / Pack Qty

12Kg Bundle

Our White News or Deli News paper is the heavyweight champion of wrapping papers. Specially designed to provide the strength and durability required for wrapping a variety of deli meats and small goods, this versatile paper is also the go-to choose for wrapping fish and chips.

Key Features:

  • Heavyweight Strength: Our White News or Deli News paper is crafted from a robust and sturdy material, ensuring it can withstand the demands of packaging and protecting deli meats and small goods. Its heavyweight nature provides the necessary strength for secure wrapping.
  • Perfect for Deli Meats: When it comes to wrapping deli meats and small goods, our paper rises to the occasion. Its reliable strength keeps your products tightly sealed, maintaining their freshness and preventing any leaks or spills.
  • Ideal for Fish and Chips: Our White News or Deli News paper is equally at home in the world of fish and chips. It’s strength and grease-resistant properties make it an excellent choice for wrapping up this beloved classic, ensuring that the mouthwatering flavors are preserved.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each bundle of our White News or Deli News paper is thoughtfully packaged in plastic wrapping. This ensures the papers remain protected and in pristine condition until you’re ready to use them, making them convenient to store and access when needed.
  • Recyclable and Biodegradable: We take pride in our commitment to the environment. Our White News or Deli News paper is not only recyclable but also biodegradable, reducing its impact on the planet and promoting eco-friendly packaging practices.

Upgrade your deli and fish and chip packaging game with our heavyweight White News or Deli News paper. Experience the unmatched strength and reliability that make wrapping deli meats, small goods, and fish and chips a breeze. With its convenient packaging and eco-friendly nature, our paper is not only practical but also aligns with your sustainability goals. Wrap your products with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that our paper is up to the task and environmentally responsible.