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Mint Dishwashing Liquid

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Weight021.20 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 35 cm
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20 Litres, 5 Litres

JURA Dishwashing Liquid SDS

JURA Mint Dishwashing Liquid is a powerful cleaning solution specifically formulated to tackle grease and grime on pots, pans, and kitchenware. This highly effective product is designed to suspend grease, making it easy to rinse away with water, while providing excellent detergency and sudsing for thorough cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Superior Grease Removal: JURA Mint Dishwashing Liquid is specially formulated to tackle stubborn grease, effortlessly removing it from your pots, pans, and kitchenware. Say goodbye to tough, stuck-on grease and enjoy sparkling clean results.
  • Sudsing Action: The high sudsing action of this dishwashing liquid ensures that every surface is thoroughly cleaned, delivering exceptional results with each use. The rich lather helps to lift away dirt and grime, leaving your dishes and utensils sparkling clean.
  • Soft on Hands: While JURA Mint Dishwashing Liquid is tough on grease, it remains gentle and soft on your hands. The formula is carefully balanced to ensure that it does not cause dryness or irritation, allowing you to comfortably tackle your dishwashing tasks.
  • 100% Australian Made: We take pride in our product being 100% Australian-made. Each bottle of JURA Mint Dishwashing Liquid is carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients to deliver outstanding performance and reliability.

Experience the power of JURA Mint Dishwashing Liquid and enjoy its exceptional cleaning capabilities on all your pots, pans, and kitchenware. With its grease-suspending formulation, superior sudsing action, and gentle touch on hands, this dishwashing liquid makes your dishwashing chores a breeze. Trust in the quality of an Australian-made product that combines effective cleaning performance with a pleasant mint fragrance.